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Annette M.

From: Annette M.
Subject: A situation that required immediate action on my part.

In the year 2005 my eyes were in a terrible state. A situation that required immediate action on my part. I truly needed to find a highly qualified eye doctor.

The terrible state in which my eyes wereis two-fold. And truth be told, one part was definitely my fault. And I take full responsibility. It all started in my early adulthood. I was a normal yet adventurous person who enjoyed all the niceties of life. I especially enjoyed outdoor activities. My interests included motorcycling, horseback riding, skiing, skating, swimming and long distance running. Looking back now I simply wish that I would have guarded my eyes from the elements. I would never intentionally inflict harm on myself. But unbeknownst to me, that's exactly what I was doing. I guess hindsight is 20/20 vision (no pun intended). But if I would have donned the proper eye protection when needed, my eyes would not have been in that terrible state. I would do things like ride my motorcycle on the freeway without eye proteciton. I swam without goggles. I ran and skated for hours without sunglasses. As a result the sun, wind, smog, dirt, dust and chlorine all took a toll over time on my eyes. Hence my big problem.

Now the other part of this dilemma is heredity related. Of course I have no control over heredity. But when my eyes worsened, it prompted me to make some family inquiries. I learned that me and my relatives are very susceptible to diabetes, cataracts and glaucoma. Not exactly the news that I wanted to hear.

So needless to say time was of the essence and it was time to act. There's an old adage that says, "Three time's a charm". My situation is proof. Because the first doctor I went to was completely useless. He just kept telling me that it might be allergies that I'm dealing with. And the second doctor was no better. He ws always in rush mode and very condescending. He never told me what I should be doing; only what I shouldn't be doing. Meanwhile I was doing all I could to hold my head high and face society. I practically hated to leave the house because of my sick eyes. I became very withdrawn and non-sociable. I began to turn down dates. I didn't want to hang out with my friends any more. When I had face to face conversations with people I didn't want to make eye contact. And most of all I shied away from being photographed at all costs. Yet this doctor would look at my eyes and act as if nothing was the matter. I wanted to scream right there on the spot. But the last straw came when he told me that I did not so much have an eye problem as I did a vanity problem. Needless to say the exchange went downhill from there.

But as luck would have it, one of the medical personnel informed me of another doctor that was on staff. She told me this doctor was amazing and that I should give her a try. I was reluctant due to prior instances. But enentually I agreed to make an appointment with this amazing doctor as she put it. It was fate from that moment on. That amazing doctor turned out to be Dr. Jafri.

Talk about a breath of fresh air! Right away she revealed herself as a warm, friendly and compassionate doctor. She was very attentive to my plight and geared to turn things around for me. She was very forthcoming with me on what I could expect in the process. She wasted no time in getting to know about me and the circumstances that brought me in for treatment. She began a battery of tests to diagnose my problem. Because I had thin layers of tissue on my corneas, surgery was imminent.

When the surgery happened Dr. Jafri made me very aware of the procedure. The information given to me eased any apprehension I may have had. My eye surgery was performed at the world renowned UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute. Before my surgery I was a bit curious, so I googled the facility to check out its affiliation with Dr. Jafri. Turns out Dr. Jafri is quite an asset at Jules Stein and ophthalmology in general. She has a long list of accolades and achievements in her dedicated profession. At her office as well as at Jules Stein Dr. Jafri surrounds herself with an awesome staff. They follow her lead in doing all they can to provide exceptional care. I remember midway through my surgery I was complimented by Dr. Jafri on how well I was doing. It made me feel good. I was just trying to concentrate on doing my part because I knew she was doing her part. My most inflamed problem eye was operated on and it was a success.

But three months after my surgery I had a close call. I was already back to work full fledge when I encountered a dangerous situation. I am a Peace Officer which is an occupation that comes with many hazards and unpredictable encounters. I was involved in an incident in which pepper spray had to be dispensed. Unfortunately I received a huge dose. I contacted Dr. Jafri as soon as I could. It was late evening so I thought my call would go to an exchange or voicemail. But to my amazement Dr. Jafri responded as a live person. Just more proof of her dedication and commitment. Thanks to her speedy response everything turned out fine. It feels nice to have a doctor who embodies such a win-win attitude. A doctor that involves her patients in the process and partners up with them for success.

Fast forward to the year 2014 and I must say I am doing just fine and truly blessed. Dr. Jafri has customized my care to a tee. I'm getting the best of care and I couldn't be happier. My mind is completely made up. She is my doctor forever. I already followed her once due to relocation. And I would do it again. I'm in great hands and I rest assured at night because of that fact.

True enough, my situation is somewhat unique. I will have to have my eyes monitored continually but that's okay by me. All I know is that I am back to my old self. I am back to dating and no longer a home-body. And I definitely look people in the eye in face to face conversations. As a matter of fact I just returned home from a three day ski trip to Mammoth Mountain. My friends and I went to a theme party and I received the prize for the best costume. And I was getting in on all the photos. Most of all I protect my eyes at all cost. I got a reprieve on my quality of life and will never take that for granted again.

I have Dr. Jafri to thank for all these things. I recommend her highly. If you have an eye affliction of any kind this is the doctor for you.